Surf Holiday in Moliets & Vieux-Boucau

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Surf Holiday in Moliets & Vieux-Boucau


Moliets is one of the more popular surf spots in the Landes area. In the summer months it is a bustling village with many surfers and holidaymakers. In addition, there are a lot of surf camps, schools and yet there is still a relaxed atmosphere in the water. Where Moliets is quite crowded in the summer months, there is not much in the winter. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to surf there during this time!

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Surf Holiday in Moliets

Moliets is blessed with a long and wide beach. Because it is a beach break where the substrate is constantly changing, there is no fixed spot where there is surfing. It is best to watch a day where the waves connect most with your surf experience. What is guaranteed is that you will find that perfect spot somewhere as the waves are very consistent. For novice surfers it is a suitable place to improve your surfing.

– Altijd gezellig op het strand van Moliets –

What’s nice about Moliet is that you can surf all year round. In the summer months the waves are on average between 1.25 and 2.5 meters high, which is perfect for beginners. In the winter months the wave height can be up to 6/7 meters! It is a special sight to see. The waves can get much bigger, moliets is known for the strong undercurrent, so keep this in mind and check the surf reports before going into the water.

Best time to Surf in Moliets

In Moliets, it’s really just about the summer. During the months of July and August it is very crowded and a lot of surf lessons are given. The groups are not as crowded as there are so many surfcamps and surf schools. The rest of the year there is almost no one to find in the Drop in, except if there is a day when the waves are rolling well inside. On these days the seasoned surfers get off on the good waves, but never in large numbers. In short, the best time to surf in Moliets depends on your surfing level. For beginners, the period between June and September is advisable. Outside these months it is more suitable for experienced surfers.

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A Quick Moliets SurfGuide:

  • Surf spot: Beach
  • Offshore wind: Eastern.
  • Bottom Type: Sand.
  • Best Tides: All tides
  • Wave Height: 1 to 4 meter’s
  • Swell Direction: North, West.

Surf Holiday in Vieux-Boucau

The sand banks of Vieux-Boucau are constantly moving under water, so the waves are never the same, but consistent throughout the year. The beach is divided into 2 parts by the river from the Port d’Albret Lake just behind the dunes. Because the sand banks are constantly moving, it’s hard to tell if the better surfing is above or below the mouth of the river. Luckily it is always possible to view the beach from the dunes and determine where the best waves are for your surfing level.

Surf Group in Vieux-Boucau

The Surf in Vieux-Boucau

In Vieux-Boucau It is possible to surf all year round. In The winter months the waves are generally better and higher. While in the summer months it can be very crowded by the many surf camps. The best time to surf also depends very much on your surfing level. The most accessible months are June and August, but if you are not bound to the holiday period then we recommend to go in September and October. The evenings are still long, the temperatures are pleasant and most people are back at work or school. If you come in the summer months then it is strongly advisable to follow surf lessons if you are a novice surfer. This way you will learn to cope better with the many people in the water and learn considerably faster.

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Experienced surfers will enjoy the winter months if you are willing to defy the cold. But once you are in the water, you can only surf the waves of 4 meters or higher with the occasional barrel in between. However, it is advisable to wear a 4/3 wetsuit because of the cold. If you don’t know what that means, check our wetsuit guide.

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A Quick Vieux-Boucau Surf Guide.

  • Spot type: Beach
  • Offshore wind: Eastern
  • Bottom type: sand.
  • Best tide: Mid tide.
  • Swell direction: West, Noord.
  • Wave size: 0.5 to 4 m.

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