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Rated with a 4.8/5 (37 votes)
Surf House Deluxe / International
Average age: 28 - 45 years (min. 23)
Average number of guests 40 - 60 (M)
Surf: Beginners, intermediate & advanced
Surf, Yoga & Relax
Flexible arrival dates
Private or shared rooms
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Surf Hotel Mimizan, France

The Surf Hotel in Mimizan is the ideal place to enjoy and be accommodated in style. Mimizan is one of France’s best surf spots and furthermore it’s also a great place to stay. You will stay in the beautiful Surf Hotel, which is located within walking distance from the beach. The hostel has a cozy common area where you can relax and enjoy the breakfast. But also the roof terrace is a great place to rest, mingle with other guests and enjoy the French sun. 

The hotel has a number of double rooms, as well as dormitories which are ideal if you’d like to meet other surfers from all over the world. The double rooms are all equipped with a private bathroom and most of them do offer a balcony as well. And hosts Arnaud and Aurelie will do anything to make your stay as comfortable as possible. 

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About the Surf House

The holiday

The surf holiday

  • The Surf Hotel: you will be staying in this typical French hotel with a great surf-touch to it. The owners and their team are there to take care of you, making your stay even more comfortable. You will combine the luxury of the hotel with a great surf-vibe and the buzzing life of Mimizan. When looking for place to rest you can opt for the beautiful rooms, as well as the roof terrace, overlooking Mimizan, its river and the sea.
  • Mimizan: already for years, Mimizan is regarded to be the surf capital of France. The widely stretched beach provides you with great circumstances to surf, despite of your level. The town also has a large variety of bars, restaurants and nice shops. You surely won’t be bored in Mimizan.

Weekly overview

  • You can expect the following during a week of surfing in Mimizan:
    • 7 nights accommodation in a luxury surf hotel
    • Breakfast is included, as well as 3 diner’s per week
    • Trendy furnished room with bed linen and towels included
    • >4 x surf lesson and 1 x surf theory
    • The usage of surf equipment throughout the week
    • 24/7 support from the crew on site
  • Optional: you have the option to book activities and excursion on site

The stay

The Surf Hotel has a classic and typical exterior with a more stylish and comfortable interior. There are several areas where you can relax, hang out or meet fellow travelers and surfers. You can choose between a private room for 2 people or a shared room, ideal for meeting others.

  • Simple Double Room: these nice rooms are equipped with everything you need. A comfortable double bed is present and all rooms have a toilet, a shower and a balcony (or direct access to the roof terrace).
  • Standard Double Room: these rooms are slightly more spacious and offer you the same as the Simple Double Room. So if you want a little more comfort, this is the ideal option for you.
  • Dorm: these rooms are ideal if you are looking for a slightly cheaper room or just so that you can meet fellow travelers. There is also a female-only dorm. The dorms are generally for 4 people.


Surfing in Mimizan is known for years and that’s obviously not without a reason. Within France this spot is considered as one of the very best and it suits surfers from all levels.

  • Surfing: the following is already included with your stay:
    • Use of surf equipment (surfboards, body- and skimboards)
    • 4 x surf lessons
    • 1 x surf theory
  • Surf material: with all packages the use of surf material (surfboard) is included in the price of the stay.


  • Surf crew: in addition to the surfing, the crew is present for you to organize, for example, a tapas night, longboarding or other fun activities.
  • Yoga: you have the option to take part in the yoga sessions, which are given 4 times during your week in Mimizan.
  • Landes: Mimizan is located in the beautiful Landes region, which is definitely worth getting to know better. If you come by car, it is highly advisable to go cruising through the beautiful forests for a day.
  • Bordeaux: a trip to Bordeaux is very nice and diverse. This beautiful French city has a lot to offer and is certainly worth exploring.


  • Food: during your stay, a healthy and typically French breakfast is included. This makes the start of your day much better. You can choose between a fresh fruits, yoghurt, cereals, meats and cheese and a baguette will be present as well. 3 times throughout the week a dinner will be served, providing you with the option to also explore the local restaurants Mimizan is offering.
  • Dietary requirements: it is not a problem if you have certain dietary requirements. Please indicate these to the staff upon arrival.
  • Kitchen: there is no kitchen in the surf hotel which can be used by the guests.

Prices & Book

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  • Lowest price guaranteed
  • Free eBook & Save up to € 50,- exclusive discount on your next surf trip
  • Partner of the Europeesche insurance, GGTO Guarantee Fund & iDeal
  • we have been everywhere and like to help you by sharing our own experiences


Price overview

Prices per week

The prices below are the prices per person per 7 nights **. Arrival on Saturday is recommended but not mandatory (although arrival on other days cannot be guaranteed).

Arrival day Dorm Simple Double Room Standard Double Room
Apr. 14 – May 30 € 360,- € 357,- € 392,-
May 31- Jun. 30 € 378,- € 392,- € 428,-
Jul. 01 – Jul. 11 € 413,- € 462,- € 497,-
Jul. 12 – Aug. 24 € 483,- € 602,- € 637,-
Aug. 25 – Sep. 14 € 413,- € 497,- € 532,-
Sep. 15 – Sep. 28 € 378,- € 392,- € 429,-
Sep. 29 – Nov. 3 € 360,- € 357,- € 392,-

*Per Booking we charge a one-time € 15,- for our guarantee fund GGTO.  See the tab “included” for an overview of the package and any additional costs.
** The dorm can be booked by 1 person (or more), the double rooms are bookable per two people.

What is / is not included?

Including Not included
Accommodation per 7 nights Beach towel
7 x breakfast and 3 x dinner Lunch and a number of diner’s
4 x surf lessons, 1 x theory Bicycle rentals
The use of surf equipment for 7 days Optional excursions
4 x yoga class Transport (see add-ons)
Towels (to be used inside)
Trendy furnished room


The package is all you can book up front (except for transport, see below). At the surf hotel, it is possible to book additional options, such as activities and excursions.


Transport price
Surfbus from the Netherlands / Belgium (Return) * € 130,-
Labouyhere train station pick-up (Single) € 40,- (max 4 people)
Aiport transfer Bordeaux (Single) € 100,- (max 4 people)

* runs from June 21 to September 15, 2019 (departure Friday afternoon, return Sunday morning)

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With a 4.9 Rated (based on 31 reviews)
General atmosphere
  •  5/5
Quality of the surfing lessons
  •  4.7 / 5
Quality of the accommodation
  •  5/5
Quality of the activities
  •  4.7 / 5
Customer friendliness staff
  •  5/5
Quality of the meals
  • 5/5

What did other guests say?

5 stars

What a wonderful experience we’ve had in Mimizan. This beautiful surf hotel is the ideal place to completely unwind and enjoy surfing. The beach is within walking distance so we went for a morning surf every day!


September 2018


5 Sterren

Arnaud and Aurelie thank you!


August 2018


Practical information

What to bring

Practical information

  • Arrival: Arrival on Saturday is recommended but not mandatory (although arrival on other days cannot be guaranteed).
  • Card payments: in Mimizan you can pay by debit card (maestro) or credit card (Mastercard or Visa).
  • Wifi: there is WiFi available in the surf hotel in Mimizan.


  • Surf bus: from the Netherlands ,Belgium, Germany and Switzerland it is possible to travel by bus to Mimizan. These buses leave on Friday afternoon and arrive at the surf house on Saturday morning. 7 or 14 days later you will travel back by bus, which will leave on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday morning you will be home again.
  • Own transport: it is no problem to come to Mimizan by car.There are options to park for free.
  • Transfer: it is possible to be picked up from Bordeaux airport. It is also possible to be picked up from Labouyhere train station. See the price list for more information.

What to bring:

  • Below are some things that we recommend that you take with you:
    • Sunscreen
    • Swimsuit / Bikini
    • Bath towel
    • Warm clothes
    • Some cash can always be useful