Why you should choose SurfaWhile!

Why would you choose SurfaWhile?

We highly appreciate that you’ve made it to our website and we would like to grab this oppportunity to present you 6 reasons why you should book your surf and/or language travel through SurfaWhile!


The best service

SurfaWhile is (almost) always online. You can reach us by phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype or email. We are a very passionate team and we truly look forward to help you with booking the surfing holiday best fitting your needs, wants and wishes.

Solid advice

SurfaWhile is a team full of experience. We’ve been almost everywhere in the world where it’s about surfing and we are very happy to share our stories and advice with you. If you inform us of your needs, wants and wishes, we will match that with the best possible surfing holiday for you. That’s SurfaWhile!

Best prices

SurfaWhile charges the same prices for the packages compared to booking directly. This means that you will get even more for the same price, as the service, advice and communication of SurfaWhile is completely free.

Communication in several languages

We perfectly understand English and Dutch, but also in German and Spanish we can help you further. Whatever language you speak, do not hesitate to contact us. SurfaWhile can help anyone.

Pay to a European bank

When booking a surf and language holiday through SurfaWhile, you can just transfer the money to a European bank. We use an IBAN account, which makes it very easy and free to transfer money!

GGTO Guarantee fund

SurfaWhile is affiliated with GGTO, a Dutch guarantee fund which also covers international travellers. This fund gives you the warranty that you will get your money back in case SurfaWhile cannot meet the required payments. A very safe feeling when booking!

About GGTO

The GGTO guarantee fund is there for the safety of the traveler. When booking a trip through a travel agency which is signed up with the GGTO the traveler has the guarantee his/her travel money is safe. This means that the GGTO will reimburse the traveler in case the travel agency cannot deliver the product ordered by the traveler or does not have the financial power to reimburse the traveler in case a trip has to be cancelled.



Frequently asked questions

Why would you choose SurfaWhile? 1
Is SurfaWhile purely a booking website? 2
Do I pay extra for the services of SurfaWhile? 3
How does SurfaWhile guarantee a certain quality of their partners? 4
WIll I be surrounded by many people of my own nationality? 5

The SurfaWhile team is very passionate. We all have travelled ourselves as well, and we have been to many surf spots around the world. As we know how great these experiences can be, we are thrilled to help and assist you further so that soon you will be able to realize the holiday of your dreams.

It is true that you can actually book surf and language holidays through SurfaWhile. However, before doing so, we are there to help you with anything you would like to know. We are happy to share our own experiences and knowledge, so that we can guide you towards the place most suitable for you.

One of the great benefits is that we are very quick in communicating. For example by whatsapp, you can ask us any question, and we normally get back to you right away.

No you won’t! SurfaWhile works on a commission basis and we will charge you exactly the same prices for the courses as the actual surf and language schools would. 

Quality is very important for SurfaWhile. We are very careful in selecting our partners and often enough we have to inform potential partners that we prefer not to extend our number of partners any further. Moreover, we select only the world’s best surf locations, and even there we are very careful to choose who we want to work with. 

Several partners offering language courses have the IALC accreditation. Others have won for example a STAR-award. We also have several partners which are official exam centres, for the official language exams. 

One of the most important elements of a SurfaWhile holiday is the international diversity. We aim for bringing you to only the best, most fun and international places. This has the great advantage that besides surfing and a language, you will also learn much more about other cultures. Another great thing is that you will get many international friends. You can almost start planning your first international friends whom you met during your surf and language holiday!